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Esri Press Books

Esri Press publishes books about the science, application, and technology of GIS. Some of the new and recent titles include GIS for Science vol. 2, Women and GIS vol. 2, and The Esri Guide to GIS Analysis.

Faculty Sampling

Educators have access to digital evaluation copies of instructional books through VitalSource.

Note that print copies for evaluation are no longer available.


Students can purchase or rent books and take advantage of the built-in study tools in VitalSource.


For all accessibility requests, please email Esri Press.

Instructor Resources

Additional resources are available by request for select titles.

Book Resources

Additional materials, such as exercise data, for select titles are available for download.

Print Copies

Most Esri Press books are available from Amazon. Newer titles may be available from Indigo.

Esri Academy

Find tutorials, web courses, videos and other resources created by Esri. For instructor-led courses, see Esri Canada Course Catalogue.

Learning Plans

Created by curriculum experts and Esri and by the GIS community. For instructor-led courses, see Esri Canada Course Catalogue.

Learn ArcGIS

Guided lessons based on real-world problems available in multiple languages.

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Data Sources

ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World

A collection of geographic information from around the globe.

Open Data Hub

Browse data shared by organizations in Canada using the ArcGIS Open Data platform.

Open Government

Find out about Open Government programs across Canada and access data from open data initiatives.

Educational Licensing

ArcGIS software is available for academic use, administrative use, and student use.