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2020-04-02: One new feature that will be helpful for providing ArcGIS Pro to students, faculty, and staff is the ability for ArcGIS Online users to download the ArcGIS Pro installer directly from the new My settings page in their profile. Specifically, on this page, users can click the Licensing tab on the left and scroll down to the ArcGIS Pro download option.

This option is available if the user already has an ArcGIS Pro license assigned to their ArcGIS Online named-user account.

In either case, ArcGIS Pro extensions can be added afterwards as add-on licenses.

We have updated our ArcGIS for Higher Ed Learners and ArcGIS Off-Campus story maps to include this new information, as well as the ArcGIS Pro best-practices guide that was distributed last August (attached). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Five new and updated tutorials

2020-03-31: Now available in our higher education resource finder:

  1. New/Updated: Introduction to ArcGIS Pro (tutorial)
  2. New: ArcGIS Urban Setup to Design Urban Futures (tutorial)
  3. New: Designing Urban Futures (ArcGIS Urban | video)
  4. New: Create a COVID-19 Dashboard using ArcGIS Dashboards (ArcGIS Online | tutorial)
  5. Updated: Designing User Interfaces for Geospatial Applications (workshop)

How to Launch pre-configured ArcGIS Desktop virtual machines in Azure

2020-03-27: For students and educators looking for a means to access ArcGIS desktop software, and who are unable to install the ArcGIS software on their own PCs (e.g., incompatible hardware, or Mac operating systems), this video will walk you through how to setup a virtual machine image in Azure that is pre-configured with ArcGIS desktop software.

Five new and updated tutorials

2020-03-27: Now available in our higher education resource finder:

  1. New: Deep Learning in ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS API for Python to conduct Object Detection
  2. Updated: Symbology in ArcGIS Pro (choropleth and dot density mapping included)
  3. Updated: Calculate Fields in ArcGIS Pro
  4. New: Georeferencing in ArcGIS Pro
  5. New: Part 2 – Applying Data Science Tools in ArcGIS Insights: includes scripting in Python and R

Join the Esri Inc higher education team on Tuesdays and Thursdays until April 21

Join the Esri Inc higher education team during a series informal office hours to learn about tools, data, curricular materials, and teaching approaches to teach GIS effectively online.

Scheduled times and connection details for sessions scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays from March 19th to April 21st are posted in GeoNet (for the ADT time zone add 1 hour to EDT times; for NDT add 1.5 hours).

Past session recordings are being added to the GeoNet post following each session.

Free Esri Press E-Books

2020-03-26: Esri Press has made an arrangement with VitalSource to make Esri Press e-books available for free to Canadian students through their new VitalSource Helps program.

For students:

For instructors:

Esri Canada Blog Post: How to access Esri technology while working from home

2020-03-24: While this article is not education-specific, it has some useful information in it, and includes a helpful video tutorial. Send any questions you have directly to us at Tech Support and Customer Care at Esri Canada are working closely with us to resolve problems as they arise.

COVID-19 Educator Support – Enabling Remote Access to ArcGIS in Higher Education Webinar

2020-03-16: This webinar recording presents options for remote access, emphasizing both on-premises virtualization (e.g., Citrix, VMware) and Cloud virtualization (e.g., Amazon Web Services, Azure). Learn from members of the higher-education community with experience supporting ArcGIS in virtual environments.