These lessons will guide you through the process of creating your first Web app with an ArcGIS map.


Build on the skills you learned in the foundation lessons (or already had) and start adding basic tools and elements to your Web app.


Once you've mastered the basics, discover ways to combine elements and further customise your Web app.


Use these lessons to explore and test the limits of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.


Each lesson is a self-contained series of exercises. You can follow the lesson step-by-step to produce a Web app similar to the lesson's demo app or you can jump to a specific topic to learn how to implement a particular tool or feature.


A lesson's level is an indication of how much or how little explanation and base code is given. The foundation lessons cover basic concepts that you should be familiar with before proceding to more complex lessons but otherwise lessons can be completed in any order.

Essential skills and concepts explained in detail, including basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Complete these first if you have no experience using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript and/or have no experience with Web programming.
Simple tools and concepts explained in detail. You should know the essential skills (i.e., how to create a simple Web app with an embedded map) but otherwise no experience necessary.
Further development of simple tools. Some experience with Web programming and the ArcGIS API for JavaScript is required. It is assumed that you are already familiar with the main tool/class that is used in the lesson and know how to implement it in your code.
High level development. Significant experience with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript is required.


A lesson's category, listed below the lesson title and indicated by the card colour, is an indication of its main focus or purpose. Lessons are divided into the following categories:

Essential skills and concepts. Complete these first if you have no experience using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript and/or have no experience with Web programming.
Test Your Skills
See how well you have learned skills from different lessons by following the steps to create a new Web app. The skills that are tested are listed in the lesson's details. **Only boilerplate code is provided.
Map View & Page Display
Customize the appearance of the Web app and embedded map, e.g., add a home button.
Feature Display
Customize the appearance of map features, e.g., add info windows to features.
Add tools to perform geospatial tasks, e.g., add a search tool.
Add data to the map, e.g., add map service layers or create points.
Focus on...
A detailed examination of a single API class or concept.
Lessons developed for a specific purpose, e.g., at a conference.